Recommended Products

How to choose the foods and herbs
that are right for your body type and conditions

By Randine Lewis

Fertility Tea

Pain relieving plasters

FDA approved TENS unit

Topical liniment for bruising, swelling, pain

Chinese dietary theory and healing recipes

How to use your hands to
relieve everyday aches, pains and ailments

By Jill Blakeway

Infrared light therapy for pain


Music for meditation and relaxation

Low Level Laser for Musculoskeletal Pain

Gua Sha scraping tools
Do cupping at home with this set!

The most current research on preventive therapies
including vitamins, supplements, and herbs.

Small cups for facial rejuvenation
and cellulite treatment

Moxa to increase blood circulation, improve digestion, fertility,
boost immunity, and more

Stick on moxa, 3 different strengths available

Natural nasal wash for relief
of sinusitis and allergies

Low Level Laser Watch for Hypertension