Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Susan Mosley, DACM, RRT-NPS, CPT, LAc.
401 N 5th Ave
Rome GA 30165
Please be aware that the scheduling software will not allow you to book any appointments within 24 hours. If you need to come in for a session urgently, please call 770-548-0172. You do not need to pre-schedule for the walk in clinic. 
Click on the YouTube link above to access Lisa Schwartz, MD talking about how acupuncture can support cancer treatment and ease the side effects of treatment. 
Click on the link above to access a YouTube presentation on the BBC National News demonstating a cupping myofascial release session. 
Choose the link above to review an episode of The Doctors TV show, where a Doctor of Acupuncture is perfoming moxibustion, or the burning of the herb mugwort, on different points for therapeutic effect. 
In the YouTube link above, The Doctors TV show features facial cupping for skin plumping, lymphatic drainage, and increasing blood circulation. 
Acupuncture can also be used for facial rejuvenation. Click on the link above for a Fox News Report. 

Slideshow of Images From Our Clinic
You may click on any of the images for caption 
Image of patient receiving cupping on the back
Image of cupping marks on an Olympic swimmer
Image of glass cups on a patient's low back and hip
Image of patient receiving cupping on the shoulder
Image of electroacupuncture treatment on the low back
Image of our office cat, China
Image of patient getting a treatment in the comfort of their own home
Image of moxa bowl in use
Image of needles in the baxie points on the hands
Image of needles treating upper back pain