Traditional Chinese Medicine

with a Southern accent

Susan Mosley, DACM, RRT-NPS, CPT, LAc.
401 N 5th Ave
Rome GA 30165
Please be aware that the scheduling software will not allow you to book any appointments within 24 hours. If you need to come in for a session urgently, please call 770-548-0172. You do not need to pre-schedule for the walk in clinic. 
Image of acupuncture needle in place at LI 4 point on the hand
Acupuncture at Hegu point


Initial consultation and treatment

 with multiple complaints-$175

Fertility consultation and treatment-$175

Initial consultation and treatment

with focus on a single complaint-$130


Subsequent sessions

for all clients-$75

Time permitting, additional modalities may be added to your session

as needed to maximize therapeutic benefit. This may include a 2nd set of

acupuncture points, electro-acupuncture, heat therapy, laser therapy,

moxibustion, guided meditation, nutritional recommendations, herbal formula consultations, or exercise instructions. 

We may also apply manual therapy and/or Asian bodywork techniques

like cupping, stretching, guasha, shiatsu, or tuina.  

Your approval is required before any therapies are added

or additional charges are imposed. 

(For a low cost option, check out our group acupuncture clinic.)

                                                       *Prices listed apply to Self Pay visits with payment made at the time of service only
Additional Services
Image of patient receiving reiki energy healing, with hand placement on both temples
Reiki healing touch

Cupping and/or Gua Sha-$35


30 Minute Custom Herbal Formula Consultation-$40

One Hour Private Qigong Instruction-$75
GIF of Health Insurance with cadeucus money background and
Will your insurance cover acupuncture?

Some plans now pay for acupuncture and massage. Please contact your insurer for complete details on your specific benefits and coverage limits. 

You may have read that acupuncture for low back pain is now covered by Medicare; that is technically true. However, acupuncturists are not recognized as Medicare providers and therefore we cannot bill Medicare for our services. Hopefully, the legal kinks will be ironed out soon. Several Medicare advantage plans do cover acupuncture treatment. 

You can also use your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flex Spending Account for acupuncture.

We can give you a superbill to submit to your insurance provider for out of network policies or to apply toward any deductible.