Qi Movers was founded in 2005 by a community of acupuncturists and other health care practitioners. Our mission includes sharing of unusual experiences and treatment strategies, continuing education, establishment of a networking and referral base, outreach and public education, career counseling, and drawing strength and positive energy from association with other practitioners and supporters.

Among our members are professionals from a wide variety of disciplines including nurses, rolfers, counselors, respiratory therapists, massage therapists, nutritionists, energy workers, personal trainers, herbalists, attorneys, and professional organizers. 

To join, register for upcoming seminars, suggest topics for continuing education, or for general questions, contact susan@acupunctureonthespot.com

The 2019 summer meeting was held June 13-16 in Reliance TN. Attendees were able to tour the popular working Mennonite farm in Delano and float the Hiwassee river during their off time.

Topics covered included:

‘TCM Treatment for Back Country Emergencies’

‘Updates on Insurance Coverage in Tennessee and Georgia’

‘Veteran’s Administration and TriWest: What Happens after the Choice Program’

‘Management of Metabolic Syndrome’

‘Hand held laser protocols’

‘Keeping Fit After Retirement: The Best Physical and Mental Exercises and Dietary Recommendations’

The 2018 Northwestern USA chapter meeting of QiMovers was held in Spokane Washington Nov 24-28. This conference targeted care of the home hospice patient. We explored acupuncture, reiki, and other supportive strategies that may be used to complement standard care of the dying and their caregivers. Specific topics included:


Protocols for improving sleep and alleviating anxiety

Pain reduction techniques

Treatment of nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite

Treatment of fatigue

Emotional balancing for the patient and family members

Nutritional recommendations

Guided meditations for acceptance and peace

Acupressure and massage recommendations

Winter 2018 Meetup

The Winter 2018 meeting of the southeastern US members of QiMovers was held in Knoxville TN, with a focus on hands on demonstrations. Topics included:

Oil Pulling 101

Tturmeric: Benefits, Recipes, and Recommended Dosages

Kratom: Usage, Dosing Strategies, Cautions, and Relevant Regulations

Basics of the Tapas Acupressure Technique

How to Film, Edit, and Promote your Videos

Reviews of EMR programs for acupuncture clinics


With product demos of:


Vibroacoustic massage table

Seagate Olive Leaf Extract products

Magravs Plasma Power Generator

Unified Practice EMR system

Filmora video editing software

The fall 2017 Regional meeting was held in New Orleans, LA Sept 22-24.

Trainings included:

Medicinal Marijuana: How will it impact your practice?

Yoga Strategies for blood sugar regulation, weight loss, and spleen deficiency

Meditation on the Go: Unplug and Recharge by Susan Mosley, LAc

Social Media Marketing Basics: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more

Implications of the Doctoral Degree for acupuncturists

Yoga Therapy for the Bedbound Patient 

2016 National Meeting

Qimovers 2016 national meeting was held in beautiful Cuba, to study and experience the healthcare system in that country. The travelers with our tour group formed friendships that could last a lifetime on our 'people to people' tour.