Susan Mosley, DACM performing an examination on a patient
Susan Mosley, DACM performing an examination on a patient

The first private session is geared toward discovering and addressing the underlying causes of your issues. In a traditional Chinese medical diagnosis, your symptoms are often inter-related, so treatments may target several problems at once.

I will talk to you about your aches and pains, past medical history, medications, digestion, sleep, lifestyle habits, and look over any labwork or imaging.

Along with acupuncture you may receive electro-acupuncture, heat therapy, cold laser, cupping, moxibustion, or Asian massage techniques like stretching, guasha, shiatsu, or tuina.

I will also give you instructions on how to help alleviate your problems at home. This may include  herbal prescriptions, dietary recommendations, vitamin and supplement suggestions, guidance in relaxation techniques, acupressure training, postural adjustments, and exercise advice specifically tailored to your complaints. These services are not included in a group acupuncture visit.

I want you to be an involved partner in your healing. People who do find they heal faster and often need fewer treatments in the long run.

Please note that the initial intake for the group acupuncture is limited, and no lifestyle advice will be given in that setting.

Susan Mosley, DACM, RRT-NPS, CPT, LAc.